Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MRC Mahallah Khadijah Trip

This is it! MRC! time for vacation. breakfast are distributed by catering. Prep and Tech prepares luggage / stuff. Drivers ready!?.
Avanza? Ready! Wira? Ready! Matrix? Ready!  Goods? Ready!  People? Ready!

2 hours later...

Welcome to Port Dickson!
Straight away to the Hj Zin homestay. It is reconciled! Floral odours spike our heart.

Dining room


Path to the owner's house

after unl0ading and settled d0wn everything.
Next destination, THE STORE & LUNCH.
arriving The Store, we’ve divided into groups due to the vehicle. we're given a list of items, and quickly seeking f0r the righteous.
wira w0n the game.
then, we went to warung for lunch.
Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ...
Lets eat!

we went back to Hj Zin homestay.
after settling everything, we've a m0dule t0 be d0ne which is the Best Cucur Competition! 3 gr0ups again fight t0 win the game. First place and second place will be assigned to cook dinner while third place will be assigned to be a gang of prayer (maghrib ,isya’ imam and tazkirah). The tazkirah a little bit fun although it alm0st drifting. The main topic is about the responsibility of a child and responsibility of wife. 

Night activity, Dinner and Movie time! We had our dinner and watched the movie in the yard. (Really exciting)

March 1, 2011
wake up! QIAM! BATH! Packing stuff! Preparing breakfast! Beverages! We’re going to the beach later.!

no one here.
So .. 
it's 0urs!!
Aerobics -> eating -> playing Balloon! -> Banana Boat -> Dugong stranding

And last but not least, the MK's Castle! 

After a long day playing on the beach, We returned back to the homestay... very exhausted but FUN!

getting closer to the peak time.
We ate pizza at the beach on our last night in PD. Very exciting!

After eating pizza at the beach.
The next activity is a multimedia presentation by the MRC , exchanged gifts and awards for the MRC MK members ...

can’t wait for tomorrow.

March 2, 2011
calm morning. everyb0dy woke up early. Clearing the homestay and preparing breakfast.

InsyaAllah, we will back to the CFS and hometown after these. But, let's visit ostrich first! We dr0pped in the Ostrich Farm, located in the PD as well.
Not only the ostrich, there are also other animals, Such as goats, rabbits, geese, various species of chicken, iguana and monkeys.

Before heading back to CFS,
We stopped by Teluk Kemang, l0oking for souvenirs for Madams, Mahallah Office staff, and friends who are not j0in us.
Cuti2 MRC is a blast! And I want to take this opportunity to thank all the MRC MK,all fellows and staff for supporting us until our last programme/trip.