Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MRC leadership and teambuilding workshop

The weekend of 24-26th december this year will forever be etched in the minds of the 58 participants who attended the MRC leadership and teambuilding workshop organised by Residential, Management & Discipline Department (RMDD). The three days two night, held at Hotel Impian Morib Resort, Morib Selangor Darul Ehsan, was a compulsory activity for all Mahallah Representative Committee of all mahallah in PJ and Nilai campus. The objectives of the LTW were to instil leadership qualities and improve teamwork among participants. All activities were conducted by success touch facilitators.

Most of the participats were very excited throughout the 45 minute journey to the Hotel Impian Morib Resort. Upon arrival, they were immediately whisked off to the seminar room where they were given a briefing on the rules and regulations about the programme by the facilitators. Then, they were put into groups of nine and the ice breaking was started.

Apparently, this was the first test of our teamwork skills and fortunately, many of us passed with flying colours. After dinner, we had a group dynamics activity, where we had to come up with names, logos and cheer for our groups. Well, with names like the MRC Quack and MRC Gegar, and cheer, the students of Centre For Foundation Studies International Islamic University Malaysia proved that they are indeed a creative lot. 

 The second day of the programme started off with an early morning activities session at 5.45am. we started our morning with jamaah prayers and tazkirah from one of the MRC’s presidents. After the tazkirah we been given enough time for a quick shower and breakfast, before we took part in more group activities. After isyak prayer, we were ordered by the facilitator to gathered at Hotel loby on 9 pm. That night was the exausted night because were needed to play a candle light war game. These games required two team which is attacker and defender. The attacker was needed to attack the defender and blow out the candle. The winner decided by how many candles are blown out. The games ended with success. These activities sure were physically and mentally challenging.

On the final morning, we had a hearty breakfast, and closing ceremony which was followed by a feedback session. During the final session, we were required to organised a closing ceremony in one hour. This session, we were given the opportunity to use our all that had been tought to us to conduct the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was a success and we receive compliment from Mdm Rose Haliza Harun, deputy dean of RMDD. At the feedback session, Many of the participants voice their feelings and opinions regarding the LTW. We learnt about the importance of teamwork, consideration, tolerance and understanding. Most importantly, we learnt that good leadership is responsible leadership.