Sunday, November 15, 2009

Khadijah Festival 2009 (K-FEST 09)

On the 16th to 19th November 2009,The Mahallah Representative Committe (MRC) of Mahallah Khadijah and all Hisbahs of Mahallah Khadijah will be organizing K-FEST.

K-FEST,also known as Khadijah Festival is an event that is organizing bt the MRC and Hisbahs of Mahallah Khadijah every year. The programmes held in conjuntion with K-FEST for this year includes:

16th November,Monday
Opening Ceremony of K-FEST

17th November,Tuesday
Games,Treasurer Hunt
Movie Show : 'THE MESSAGE'

18th November,Wednesday
Cultural Night

19th November,Thursday
Closing and Prize Giving Ceremony

Throughout K-FEST
Hisbah Sale
Cleanliness Campaign

We are looking forward to seeing you during K-FEST.Please give support to your fellow Hisbah members for their participation in the programmes under K-FEST and have fun!!

Through attending the programme,you will gain points for your extra curicular activities which will be forwarded to your Kulliyah points in the main campus.

Thus,we would like the residents cooperation to participate actively in all programmes under K-FEST.